Winner of 2023 Pega Client Innovation Award

Implementation Services

Design, build, test and deploy CDH solutions and measure commercial outcomes against enterprise goals.

Key outcomes


Tried and tested framework ensures higher quality implementations and migrations using the Pega CDH out-of-the-box best practices and recommended guardrails.


Deep platform and implementation experience enables swift, seamless deployment so you can achieve a faster return on investment.


On and offshore resource support models provide industry-leading 1:1 expertise with the most cost-effective delivery rates.

Building solutions for rapid, real value at scale.

Collecting, contextualizing and decisioning on real-time first party data is a challenge. Digital marketers are orchestrating across inbound, outbound, paid and owned channels to address customer identity, intent, what to action and where.

Futureproof simplifies the complex. We can implement an orchestration solution to derive real-time insights from every digital interaction across every channel. And we’ll configure a decisioning platform to run those contextualized insights through. So you can identify and deliver the next best action to each customer.

As a Pega Specialized Partner, we have pioneered the implementation of Customer Decision Hub and other Pega platforms to create our solutions. We’ve delivered bottom line benefits for Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and mid-cap clients with our high-value, low-risk implementation.

What you’ll get

Use Case Definition & Prioritization

Together, we’ll define an aggregate list of use cases prioritized by value, channel and lines of business, with an emphasis on those to deploy and measure first.

Technical & Solution Design

In alignment with your creative strategies and business objectives, we’ll identify what to solve for—then design a blueprint for how to architect your current software and the CDH solution to deliver on those requirements.

Software Solution Configuration

Our team will implement the blueprint—configuring the new CDH solution to deliver on your requirements, importing data and ensuring compatibility with other applications. We’ll build use cases and set rules around offers, eligibility, arbitration and other defined criteria.

QA Testing & Deployment

Futureproof will test the solution to identify and resolve any performance issues, and ensure the build is working as intended and aligned with stakeholder expectations. Implementation of Pega out-of-the-box solutions ensures a decreased risk of defects, automated unit testing, lower application development costs and a faster path to production.

Success Measurement

We’ll evaluate performance to ensure alignment with commercial outcomes and optimize accordingly. And we can train and transfer knowledge to ensure ongoing success.

AI Kickstart

See what’s possible in 8 weeks

Experience AI in action for your business. AI Kickstart is a two-month advanced demo of the Pega Customer Decision Hub™ (CDH) platform utilizing your customer data. See how this AI-driven engagement engine can optimize your interactions for relevance and business value. No licensing or long-term commitment required.

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