Winner of 2023 Pega Client Innovation Award

Analytics & Operations

Manage 1:1 marketing at a low scaling cost, while applying data science expertise to extract insights that enhance customer engagement and deliver incremental value.

Key outcomes


Data science-based insights enable more effective decisioning to drive rapid and relevant results, operational efficiencies and a quicker path to value.


Intuitive targeting and modeling ensure hyper-personalized, high-quality actions to improve experiences and retention while maximizing profitability.


Ongoing management and reporting enable adoption, measurement and optimization against performance metrics, all at a lower cost of ownership.

Always on and optimizing for superior outcomes.

Futureproof helps you put AI to work—and keep it consistently working smarter. We provide scalable, ongoing support and managed services to drive continuous ROI while improving your ever-evolving 1:1 customer relationships.

Following platform implementation, we’ll ensure your team is fully trained and enabled. We can supplement skills to help scale enterprise marketing operations. And we’ll manage technology upgrades, to be certain you’re harnessing the full benefits of recent software releases.

Our data science and analytics teams provide you with comprehensive insights into your marketing campaigns, strategies and investments. We leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to track performance trends and optimize campaigns by introducing feature-engineered predictors to your existing marketing framework. And with dashboards, we measure and report on the growth, lift and value of your AI solution.

What you’ll get

Dashboards, Monitoring & Insights

Custom-built dashboards and data visualizations provide insights into how your 1:1 customer engagement solution is performing so you can monitor campaign results and organizational health.

New Models & Operational Efficiencies

We operationalize and manage best-in-class predictive/adaptive modeling algorithms—evaluating and optimizing performance over time—to support customer growth and continuous ROI.

Champion/Challenger (AB Testing)

Futureproof compares multiple competing strategies and monitors statistical performance to determine which model produces the best results, then makes recommendations to improve response rate and success.

Next Best Actions: Additions, Ideations & Maintenance

We’ll fine-tune the way in which relevant actions are delivered to your customers by continuously specifying improved criteria and arbitration rules. Better decisioning and channel delivery equals improved customer experiences.

AI Kickstart

See what’s possible in 8 weeks

Experience AI in action for your business. AI Kickstart is a two-month advanced demo of the Pega Customer Decision Hub™ (CDH) platform utilizing your customer data. See how this AI-driven engagement engine can optimize your interactions for relevance and business value. No licensing or long-term commitment required.

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