Winner of 2023 Pega Client Innovation Award

Advisory Services

Identify the customer moments that matter and build a prioritized roadmap to improve their experiences and drive commercial benefit.

Key outcomes

Investment Strategies

Where to invest—people, processes, technologies—to boost efficiency, simplify service and level up every single customer engagement.

Clear Vision

What are the most valuable use cases, channels and lines of business, and what’s the roadmap for implementation.

Accelerated Results

How to rapidly connect more meaning and value to customers while accelerating commercial benefit to your organization.

Helping you transform the right way.

Personalizing the customer experience is no longer an innovation—it’s an expectation. Customers expect you to anticipate their needs, adapt as they evolve and maximize their satisfaction across channels and time.

AI is the key to turning your customers’ data cues into the most timely and relevant 1:1 interactions. But knowing where and how to start can be overwhelming. Futureproof has 15+ years of experience helping businesses do just that.

Our team of AI specialists, 1:1 technologists and data scientists can partner with you to develop and deploy a solution for achieving your digital transformation goals.

What you’ll get

Collaborative Workshops

We’ll lead light-touch, results-driven discussions with key Marketing and IT stakeholders to:

  • Understand organizational, data, analytics, customer decisioning/orchestration, channel integration and use case challenges
  • Break down complex topics into workable segments with realistic outputs and delivery timelines
  • Develop a transformational strategy that provides more meaningful prospect and customer engagements and enterprise-wide business benefits
Use Case Identification & Roadmap

Together, we’ll define an aggregate list of use cases prioritized by value, channel and lines of business, with an emphasis on those to deploy and measure first.

MarTech Assessment & Recommendations

We’ll recommend the main points of integration, solution configurations and architectural evolution required to realize the benefits of AI-powered real-time decisioning across your marketing tech stack.

Executive Playback

Futureproof will present to Executive Leadership, aligning our findings and recommendations to generate commercial benefits at scale, across the enterprise.

Implementation Statement of Work

You’ll receive a phased estimate for the implementation and investment required to design, build and test, train and deploy the recommended integrated solution.

AI Kickstart

See what’s possible in 8 weeks

Experience AI in action for your business. AI Kickstart is a two-month advanced demo of the Pega Customer Decision Hub™ (CDH) platform utilizing your customer data. See how this AI-driven engagement engine can optimize your interactions for relevance and business value. No licensing or long-term commitment required.

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